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5 Reasons to Use e-Mail Marketing

Companies in the B2B realm are adopting email campaigns as an integral part of their marketing strategy.  Of course making the content of the email relevant and useful to your target is the key to maintaining high open rates for your email. By combining useful information and tips, with product and service specials, you will be able to provide the kind of content that people rely on from a valuable resource, namely your company.  Below are 5 good reasons email should be part of your integrated strategy:

  1. ROI.  DMA (Direct Marketing Association) projects that marketers will spend $600 million on email campaigns to generate $27 billion in revenues.  That’s $45 return for every dollar spent on email marketing!
  2. It generates loyalty.  If you’re delivering regular information to your clients, and prospects that is relevant to their business, and helps them improve their performance, you’re setting yourself up as the “Thought Leader.”  Using technology to your advantage to delivery highly useful information to your customers and prospects sets you apart from your competition and keeps them coming to you as a valuable resource, and eventual partner.
  3. It’s measurable.  Unlike traditional media, email can be measured in terms of the number of people that actually received your message.  It can also be broken down into those that opened your email.  Not only that you can determine what was clicked on inside of your email, and who clicked on each message, offer, or link.
  4. Cost effectiveness.  No ink, paper, or postage.  A well designed template can serve as the backdrop for your monthly message.  This creates efficiency, recognition, and allows you to keep the cost of your email program to a minimum.
  5. It’s where the market is headed.  Don’t be the last to sign up or all of your competition will have beat you to the punch and who needs 7 emails from providers in the same industry!  Email spending is forecast to grow over 900 million dollars in the next 4 years.  Get ahead of the curve!

Learn more about our customized e-mail marketing program for material handling equipment dealerships. As a proponent of integrated programs I advocate the use of direct mail and print, but there’s no doubt that even if you start small, now is the time to move forward with an email strategy of your own. Contact us to inquire about a customized e-mail marketing program for your dealership.