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eMail Marketing Services

Our email marketing programs is your best tool in your marketing arsenal to for sales support, branding, achieving awareness and generating leads as well as sales. With one click of a button, your monthly message is on it's way to every singe one of your prospects and customers! We have clients reaching thousands of potential clients each month, achieving hundreds of opens and plenty of click-throughs back to their website, blog or social media platforms. And it couldn't be easier than having us do it for you! Here's how it works:

  1. You can send us content that you want to be sure to include for the month. Whether it's a product special, a new branch opening etc we'll be sure to include it. Some customers provide a lot of the content and others leave it all up to us. 
  2. We will then scour your website, blog, youtube page, supplier's pages and industry resources to provide you with a monthly eNewsletter that positions your dealership as a thought leader, bringing value added industry information to each reader.
  3. We will do all the copy writing, editing, photo format, uploading, linking and sending of your monthly eNewsletter. You'll get a professional, branded eNewsletter that sets you apart from the rest. Don't underestimate the damage to an image that can be caused by an eNewsletter that was obviously put together by someone with little or no graphic or copy writing experience. See a sample.
  4. A few weeks later we will send you a detailed report tabulating the month's Sends, Bounced Addresses, Who Opened Your Email and what each person clicked on. Imagine that kind of information in the hands of your sales force. Seeing your prospects showing interest in one of your specials or your services!

It's really that easy. Our job is to use our marketing and material handling industry experience to make professional email marketing seamless for your dealership.

Request Our eNewsletter Program Information and Pricing

Symbion Marketing provides your dealership with a professionally produced eNewsletter, every month, with minimal input from you. How can we do this? We understand your business, the products and services and can use your website and social media, combined with our unique industry-focused content to create campaigns that set you apart from others that "do it when they can" or "has a relative that's doing it for us." Your brand, your image is important and makes a big difference in how you are viewed by prospects, before they engage your services. Don't trust that to just anyone.

Contact us about our email marketing program

Join the dozens of companies that already know, email marketing is a great way to create awareness and improve sales, and no one makes it easier than Symbion Marketing.

What our customers say about our email marketing campaigns:

"Barry Lauterwasser at Symbion Marketing has managed our eMail Marketing Program for over two years.  His experience in the forklift industry and knowledge of email marketing has helped us to put together an eMail Marketing Strategy that is getting real results.  We are very pleased we chose his company when looking for a company to partner with for our eMail Marketing."  Mike Brumleve, Cardinal Carryor Inc., Louisville, KY

"We knew we needed a marketing strategy that would allow our dealership to grow as our markets expanded, and Symbion's eMail marketing products have allowed us to do just that, within our budget. Having an exclusive partner in our markets means Barry works one on one with us to develop a message and strategy that promotes the products and service WE want to promote, and we've gained business as a result of our strategy" Greg Meyer, Midwest Industrial Equipment, Piqua, OH

"The power of the email blast.  The last email newsletter was sent a couple of weeks ago and this customer is now asking for a quote. If you are not adding names to our email list, you are losing sales opportunities. See the request below that just came in. It’s all about keeping your name in front of your customers." Mike Reynolds, Toyota Forklifts of Atlanta, Atlanta, GA

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